What is a WDI inspection?

Buying a home is often one of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make. It is highly recommended to get a WDI Inspection Report prior to making that big purchase for additional peace of mind. This WDI Inspection or Wood Destroying Insect Report is a government form that is completed by qualified individuals trained to look for evidence of these pests. Wood Destroying insects include Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Wood Infesting Beetles.

Termites and other wood destroying insects can often enter the home and go undetected for years. They will remain hard at work and hidden until the damage is done.

When you order a WDI inspection for the transfer of ownership, the trained inspector will visually evaluate the home, inside and out. The inspectors are trained to look for any signs of current or previous evidence of these pests. Other structures on the property such as outbuildings, can be added to the inspection to ensure they remain pest free as well. A major benefit that Alford Pest Control provides is our ability to provide on-the-spot treatment if necessary, following the inspection.

What does a WDI or termite inspection report consist of?

A WDI report will provide specific information concerning the inspectors’ discoveries on the property, what kind of wood destroying pest is present, and if there may be structural damage.

A WDI report will provide specific details of any findings of live activity, evidence of any activity, and any damage that may be visibly present at the time. Treatment is recommended, the report will also include a graph of the structure with the exact location of the pests or damage as well as their treatment recommendations.

The report also includes a section that addresses any areas which were obstructed or inaccessible to the inspector, therefore limiting the inspection. The termite reports for closing inspections are sent to the appropriate parties by our dedicated in-house Customer Service Team to those involved in the closing process.

Who is normally expected to pay for the WDI inspection?

In some cases, sellers will pay for the inspection and provide the WDI report. In other cases, the buyer may need to request and pay for the inspection themselves.

Inspections and closing costs are all negotiable. These are best negotiated and decided upon by you and a professional real estate agent who can advise you on what’s best for your situation.

How can Alford Pest Control help?

At Alford Pest Control, our technicians are licensed and trained to identify wood-destroying insect activity in a structure. We work closely with realtors to ensure that this important step in the closing process is seamless. Often times our technicians are able to complete a WDI inspection on the same day we receive notice of a need for one from our customer or their realtor. Reports are emailed to necessary parties the following business day.

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