Flea & Tick Lawn Treatment

Flea & Tick Lawn Treatments

Grubs can ruin your yard in Tri-State Area.

Fleas leave small, yet visible, clumps of reddish-brown to black "flea dirt" on pets and furniture.

Fleas and ticks are some of the most common and annoying pests affecting homeowners. Ticks get a reputation for being more dangerous due to risk of Lyme disease exposure, but fleas can carry diseases too. Both pests will follow you into your home in pursuit of a steady blood supply.

Pets are more often the carriers for fleas and ticks, bringing the adults and their eggs inside your home. Fleas can even travel from one yard to the next, meaning you may be at risk even if you don't have pets. That's why we offer safe and effective flea and tick lawn treatments across the Tri-State Area.Call or click to schedule a free estimate and learn more.

Flea & Tick Pest Control Tailored to Your Lawn

Our flea and tick lawn treatments have similar application methods and can be applied at the same time, or as standalone treatments. Both processes begin with a thorough inspection of the customer's property to determine the best solutions for them. Every lawn is different and requires unique treatment methods due to varying factors, such as:

  • Existence of & volume of water run-off
  • Placement & amount of nearby water sources
  • Potential shady areas & sunny spots
  • High-traffic areas for wildlife
  • Designated pet areas

Once everything is calculated exactly to the treatment area, technicians will carefully distribute granules throughout the lawn. After that, your pest control technician will water the granules into the soil. This is set up with your technician for a monthly treatment.

Controlling Fleas in Your Lawn

Fleas can live in the grass without a host and undisturbed for around 2 or 3 months, depending on the yard's condition. The female fleas might not lay eggs without a host, but may go on a 48-hour egg laying spree as soon as she finds one. But in order to catch a flea infestation early, you need to know where they like to hang out.

When outdoors, fleas prefer moist, shady, cool places in the yard. They especially like shrubs, leaf piles, and trees. Their dislikes include especially sunny days and long walks through open grass. By trimming back shrubs, raking out leaves, and, in effect, limiting the amount of areas where fleas thrive, you can help make your lawn treatment as successful as possible.

We recommend treating your yard for fleas every 3-4 weeks, which is why we help you set up monthly treatments with our technicians. To control a serious flea infestation, this treatment may need to be repeated every 3-4 weeks for at least 8 months. Once the fleas are under control, maintenance treatments should be performed every 4-5 weeks thereafter.

Controlling Ticks in Your Lawn

Tick-infested deer, rabbits, rodents, and birds frequently visit your property and leave ticks behind in the process. That is what makes consistent treatment so important - a woodland creature can come along at any time and reintroduce these pests. Just like with flea treatments, tick treatments are scheduled every 30 days and each treatment is effective for approximately 4 weeks.

Tick treatment in your yard is most effective when applied year-round. If continued into winter, spring, summer, and fall, it will help kill ticks at all stages of their lives and, most critically, before reproduction begins. The idea is to eliminate ticks before they are able to lay eggs, which would decrease the population next spring.

Ticks hide in your Tri-State Area yard.

Some homeowners ask themselves, "What can I do to help ensure these treatments are effective?" You can take some simple steps to help make these treatments as effective as possible and discourage fleas and ticks. When you make the environment less desirable in the first place, it will reduce your likelihood of a full infestation. Try the following on your lawn:

  • Avoid overwatering.
  • Increase sun exposure.
  • Check pet hangouts.
  • Remove yard debris.
  • Keep it trimmed.


Fleas and ticks both love moist, shady areas. Try to increase airflow and sunlight exposure in these areas of your home and lawn to discourage pests from thriving there. Similarly, both pests love to hang out in long grass and yard clippings. They will hate it if you keep your yard nicely mowed on a regular basis. And most importantly, if you have pets then you should be checking where they regularly hang out for signs of insect larvae or other activity.

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Professional Pest Management & Customer Safety

Our technicians follow strict guidelines and laws set by Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia departments of agriculture. Our team also closely follows all product label instructions. All of the products we use are EPA certified and child and pet friendly.

We strongly recommended letting professional licensed pest control technicians apply any chemical applications and treatments. Please adhere to any restrictions or instructions given by your pest control specialist following the pest treatment(s).

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