Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroaches

Blatta Orientals

Oriental Cockroaches

Color Dark brown; almost black body
Head is much darker than the abdomen.
Legs Six
Shape Oval, Flat Body
Size 1" (2½cm)
Antennae Yes
Flight No; Wings Present But Not Developed


Although it has the long, thin antennae of other cockroaches, the Oriental Cockroach does not have developed wings, and cannot fly at all. This species prefers to feed on plant matter, but will also feed on a wide variety of animal matter and cellulose-containing materials. This includes dead animals, animal droppings, household foods, wallpaper, paper, glue, and others. A night-active species, they are often discovered roaming cabinets for cereal, bread, and other foods.


The Oriental Cockroach is also sometimes known as the "black beetle" or "common cockroach", as it's very common in many parts of the world. When living in a home or building, it is often found between and behind cabinets or other furniture. It can also be found inside walls and/or under floorboards.


Cockroaches have been found to be the vectors of at least 33 kinds of bacteria, six species of parasitic worm, and seven or more other human pathogens. These diseases attach to their legs or bodies as they travel over decaying matter, sewage, or other unsanitary surfaces, and are deposited on everything they touch.

If the cockroach consumes contaminated material, germs may continue to be protected within their bodies for several weeks longer than they would if exposed to cleaning agents, water, sunlight, and air.

The bodies of cockroaches are highly allergenic, and have been known to affect between 23% and 60% of urban residents. Studies have found that the allergens in the saliva, feces, moltings, dead bodies, and egg cases of cockroaches are more highly allergenic than even pet dander or dust mite waste. Symptoms of an allergic reaction vary widely, from itchy skin to an acute asthma attack.


Oriental Cockroaches use their flat bodies and strong legs to escape predators, slipping in cracks and crevices between cabinets, under floors, and behind furniture. An integrated pest management plan that includes baits, effective cleaning habits (to eliminate their food source), and sealing off cockroach entrance points into the home can help to create a permanent solution.

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